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What is Mp3g.net ?
Mp3g.net allows you to use fast and powerful mp3 search engine which gives you free mp3 download thanks to the custom search engine powered by Google Custom Search. Just type the title in the search bar above to get what you need. It supports tons of websites that offer multiple songs and you mostly receive a large number of results. If you need to read more more about this project, please scroll below to see why this website can save your time, money and makes your device safer. I focus on regularly updating my list of supported sites where you can receive mp3s, so I would say you get results more often, even in hard phrases.


Filtered Search Results
This mp3 search engine filters the web to display results from your search keyword. Do not wait and test it as many times as you need. You can also set this website as your homepage. Is it worth? Yes, because you will definitely love this useful service! Starting today, you don't need to visit every single website to download mp3 files, just use this one to find live links.



- You receive a large number of mp3 as search results, bigger than on any other site with similar options. If you cannot find any MP3 in popular services, this is the best place for you. Thanks to a large list of supported websites you can find any music in a few seconds.

- From now you don't need to visit a dozen of sites to find track that you are looking for, so you can save your time. Additionally on this website there is no pop under ads, which are the most annoying kind of ads. On results page I didn't place any annoying banners in contrast to other sites with mp3.

- You always receive only results from sites that really offer music in MP3 format. As you know, many websites offer mpeg3 but you need to fill the survey to get anything. In most cases after you finish one of the surveys nothing happens and you still cannot start downloading chosen audio file. This mp3 search engine supports only websites that offer songs without any surveys, redirections or fake/unknown files. Use my search engine to avoid scammers and keep your pc/mobile device safer.

- When you search any phrase in Google, sometimes you receive results from websites that offer only listening the music, they do not offer real files. Next problem is at the first page with google results you can see only spam articles on high quality websites with link to fake audio locked by survey. Real websites that offer mp3 might be on the second page. This website helps in finding only real and working files without any payments.

Use Our Mp3 Search Engine!

- My website supports tons of websites that offer music without any cost. Many of them have not indexed fresh results or they have too much similar-looking results for chosen phrase, so you cannot see them all in Google. In this case my website is the only one way to search new song and download it easily. I often update this list to keep my service in good condition and as user-friendly as possible. I add only legal, free and safe sites to my list, all of them are checked and confirmed. If you use Mp3g.net and you find service that ask for survey or phone number before downloading mp3, please contact me, I will remove this site from my list. Sometimes websites' owners change links and at start they offer mp3 downloads but after a few days you need to fill a survey to get the same mp3... We must be vigilant!

- You won't see as many annoying ads as before. Why? Thanks to this search engine you will receive a list of tracks, click the one search result to visit the popular site and get the music. Instead of visiting many this sites with audio and seeing a diffrent ads, you will visit only this best mp3 search engine with checked, fresh and working staff.

- It's helpful for similar sites' owners. If you're an admin of any service offers download mp3, just send me a link to your website. It means that my search engine will just show results from your website and my visitors will be able visit your site! It can work like a real traffic generator. Don't be shy and just click 'contact', then choose one way to ask me about your project. If all is ok, I can add your domain to my list without any problem.

Worth to Use?
Mp3g.net is getting more and more popular thanks to Google Custom Search. Thanks to this engine my service is able to help all people who looks for music sources. Mostly for phrases which are really hard to discover on other sites. Thanks to the optimization and fast VPS my website should work fine not just on the desktop, but also in mobile devices which are very popular at the moment. If you are using smartphone or tablet, a few elements on this page might beyond the borders of your screen, but it don't stop you from finding your favourite music.


The difference between normal google search engine and this Mp3 Search Engine:

The engine is powered by Google Custom Search, but the question is why this website is much better to find mp3 than the normal Google search? Well, Search Engine which you're using every day usually shows only 1-3 results from every single website, mostly 1 result. Unfortunately sometimes on one popular site there are many more results for similar-looking phrase and they are indexed, but Google still shows only one result becasue they look the same. What if this result with mp3 is outdated or music is removed by admin? For example, a site offers 5 fresh and working tracks and 1 outdated (6 results), but you see only one link to non-working music in Google... Its old and indexed so Google shows them as first, new and fresh mp3 files might be invisible for you even if they are indexed. On this project you will see each result for every phrase from all supported sites. Need more features of this new and free Mp3 Search Engine? The second thing is in Google search results you can see links to completely unknown websites without any music, because they include searched phrase and that's the reason why Google shows them. Mp3g.net shows results only from sites that offer real mp3, so as you see there is no way to receive poor results or links to pages without things you need.

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