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About the project
Mp3g.net Search Engine is new tool powered by Google. This website's mission is to filter only the relevant results from Google Search Engine. I'have decided to use Black screen to lessen the brightness of the screen and to prevent eye strain. How many sites does it support? Well, is's hard to say at the moment, because this number is not constant. Many sites that offer mp3 files goes down because of dmca/other issues, so I need to often remove no-working sites and also check and add new sites. The most important info for visitors is finding mp3 is very easy. Just enter the title and use search engine. This website helps people who likes downloading music in mp3 format but they hate scam. Many websites offer mp3 files but they ask you to fill the survey or just type your phone number to continue. As you know, some of them can offer real content, but mostly they are made only for scamming visitors. The truth is sad: they do not offer a real mp3. I never add this kind of sites to my list so you are safe. Another problem is some sites at start offer real mp3 files ready to download, but after a few months of working they change links to files locked by surveys. I need to really care what i add to my list and if you find any website that offer surveys for mp3, please contact me! I will check it and I will instantly delete this site from my list. I would like to deliver only clean and legal sites that offer real mp3 as results, so forget about fake download buttons. Next adventage: Google sometimes index many similar-looking pages from one website but shows only 1-3 results. This search engine will show you every single result that match your phrase. All supported sites offer only free music in MP3 extensions and you can download mp3 for free immediately, just follow the link.
Is it possible to find any mp3 here?
To be honest, I cannot promise you can test it right now. This website supports almost every site with mp3 available in google search. If site is indexed and offer mp3 files, it might be supported by this search. List of websites is big and I remove outdated sites as often as possible. Need more benefits of using this Mp3 search engine? You don't have to visit tons of websites to find any music, just visit mine and find best-matched result in a few seconds. If you use normal google search you won't see all results that you can see here. Enjoy.
How much sites do you support?
At this moment you are not able to see how many sites taht offer mp3 files are supported. As I wrote above, this list is constantly changing - I often add new sites and remove non-working services. This website could be helpful for owners of mp3 services because of additional traffic. From example if you are admin of any new website that offer download mp3, don't be shy and send me the link for example via email and I will check your service. If it's legit and safe site that offers mp3s and allows people to download music in mp3, I can simply add your service url to my list. What does it mean for you? Well, when someones search for any mp3 and this title can be found on your website, this mp3 search engine will show results from you website! Visitors can follow given results and visit your site. If you need some new visitors and you plan to expand your service, do not wait and contact me.